Learning at Home Resources For Parents

Teach and learn at home with our fun activities for kids! We’ve got you covered with more than 180 free resources and lessons – for kids of all ages.

The Two Types of Learning@Home Resources​

Facilitated Activity

Designed to get kids off their tech and outside or engaged in hands-on tasks like science experiments, craft or art – these are for all ages.

These activities are designed to be adaptable. Most activities take 20-30 minutes and cover real-world topics that you can relate to and easily complete in a home environment.

Creativity is key! If you don’t have a backyard:

  • Use your balcony as an observation deck, or;
  • Get some exercise and complete your activity at the same time.


Self-directed learning for kids ages 10+, which means your kids can guide their own learning independently while you do what you need to do.

Where possible our self-directed lessons include hands-on activities to give kids a break from tech.

We have also included ideas to spark conversation and communication, which are important to learning and development. This might be with a teacher through an online chat or a video conference with kids. Or, if you are doing it independently, it can be a great conversation starter for family dinner.

Featured Activities

Nearly 200 different learning activities designed for kids of all ages.