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Cool works with like-minded organisations to create high-quality educational resources for teachers and students. Our team of education specialists design and develop lesson plans and online courses showcasing our partner’s assets (documentaries, images, awareness days, research, programmes). These resources are mapped to relevant year levels, learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities of the Australian Curriculum. Our resources have a unique action-based approach, are free to access for teachers, available online via the Cool Australia website and are endorsed by leading education bodies. We cover a wide range of topics that up-skills educators, so they can critically engage and switch on young learners. Cool’s expert team of digital marketers creates a bespoke outreach and communication plan to ensure the resources reach Aussie kids. We measure the reach and impact of the resources and provide detailed reports to our partners.

Our Reach

  • 3,200,000 million students per year
  • 182,000 members (teachers, early learning educators and parents)
  • 2,100,000 lessons taught annually
  • 52% of Australian teachers use Cool Australia

Our Impact

Teachers who use our resources tell us that their students: 

  • have increased their awareness and knowledge – 98%
  • have improved their critical thinking skills – 96% 
  • have increased their preparedness to take action – 93%
  • have changed their attitude towards environmental and social issues – 97%
  • have changed their behaviour towards environmental and social issues – 95%

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