Inspiring students through discovery.

Our missions is to equip educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for future ready students.


Creativity supports young people to become problem finders and solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. Creativity allows us to design the future and imagine ways to combine old with new.


We often learn better, and achieve more, when we work together. Collaboration helps young people develop interpersonal and communication skills, while fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth.


Education should drive the impulse to learn. Curiosity stimulates out interest and our design to actively seeks answers. Curiosity makes learning meaningful and opens up new possibilities.

Cool Australia is far the best resource I have used as a teacher. I have used many websites to aid my teaching but Cool Australia is so easy to use, very useful…I have encouraged all the staff to use the website in their planning. Keep it happening!"

Our History

Cool Australia was launched by Jason Kimberley, our Founder and Managing Director, following an expedition to Antarctica in 2005.  He returned invigorated and armed with a renewed appreciation of the impacts of human activity and the responsibility we all have to invest in our life support system – our natural world.

Jason identified the need to provide our current and future generations with relevant and engaging information about the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. Our education system was identified as the most important and effective medium for connecting real world education with kids.

In August 2008, Cool Australia opened for learning.

Jason Kimberley

Founder and CEO

I would like to extend my thanks to the Cool Australia team for the great work they are doing in supporting students and teachers in their quest for a better tomorrow. I like how this topic is open ended and can be used across different KLA’s.”

Cool Australia values creativity because education should provide opportunities for young people to use their hands, minds and hearts.

Evidence-based Program

Cool Australia is backed by research and evidence. We check in with our educators regularly by commissioning in-depth qualitative, quantitative and focus group research to confirm that we’ve got the right stuff.

Development Partners

Cool Australia collaborates with key partners to raise awareness, improve knowledge and inspire positive behavioural change with young Australians.

Team Cool

Cool Australia is able to operate thanks to the hard work, experience and expertise of our fantastic team. Get to know the team and find out more about the people behind the scenes.

As the lessons are interactive and engaging. Students love them and as a teacher I love the fact they take some of the leg work out of my lessons and allow me to spend more time working on the outdoor gardens etc.”


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