America’s largest rooftop solar array completed in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas casino and hotel complex now boasts America’s largest rooftop solar array, after the expansion of an existing system created a “stunning” 8.3MW combined installation. The massive system, pictured below, was installed by NRG Energy on the roof of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The building’s owner, MGM Resorts, announced its completion in […]

Deep-sea crab trade focused on future.

The west coast deep-sea crab fishery has clawed its way to the gold standard for sustainability after an 18-month assessment of the industry’s impact on stocks and the environment. Southern Trading managing director Glen Bosman, whose company catches crabs off Denham and Carnarvon, said Marine Stewardship Council certification set up the niche fishery for a […]

Australia ranks 20th on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Australia may be home to some of the world’s most liveable cities, but we have a long way to go to meet the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Australia ranks 20th in the world – well behind Canada and many European countries but ahead of the United States – according to a new index that […]

Planet Ark’s 2013 Research – Missing Trees – The Inside Story of An Outdoor Nation

Planet Ark’s 2013 research, sponsored by Toyota, reveals shrinking backyards, screen time and long working hours have concerning implications for Australia’s renowned outdoor way of life and our health. Backyards, barbecues, beach and bush – Australians are known around the world as lovers of the great outdoors. However, recent research commissioned by Planet Ark for […]

Planet Ark’s 2014 Research Valuing Trees: What is Nature Worth?

New research by Planet Ark, and sponsored by Toyota, in the lead up to National Tree Day in 2014 highlights the financial, health and well-being, social, and environmental benefits of nature at home, in the workplace, and at school.   The report titled Valuing Trees – What is nature worth?, found that Australians really do […]

Planet Ark’s 2015 Research – Valuing Trees – What is Nature Worth?

Needing Trees – The Nature of Happiness New research by Planet Ark and sponsored by Toyota, released in the lead up to National Tree Day in 2015, investigates how contact with nature affects people’s life-long happiness and the physiological impacts it has on the brain. The surveys included in the report used internationally-recognised scales to […]

Six of the best environmentally-friendly Australian startups

At Ideas Hoist, we’ve noticed that startups with an environmental purpose are on the rise. As the world grapples with the immensity of waste, climate and biodiversity challenges, these eco-friendly entrepreneurs are finding innovative and exciting ways to help meet these challenges, while improving the lives of future generations and preserving our natural environment. MYGREENWORLD […]

What lies beneath Antarctica’s ice? Lakes, life and the grandest of canyons

There are few frontiers in the world that can still be said to be unexplored. One of these terra incognita is the land beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets. Buried under kilometres of ice is a fascinating realm of canyons, waterways and lakes, which is only now being mapped in detail. There are more than 400 known […]

Martu people preserve bilby population with traditional knowledge

The Martu people of Western Australia are environmental and cultural custodians, preserving tradition and ecosystems alike. ACROSS THE BIRRILIBURU landscape in remote Western Australia, the Martu people are using their knowledge as traditional owners to conserve the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) population, which has recently dwindled to just 10,000. The Martu people were some of […]